Oregon Board of Directors

Emma Burke, LMT


Emma Burke, Board President (2022-Present)

Emma Burke became a licensed massage therapist in January 2013 and immediately opened Ladyfingers Massage, exclusively for women. In August 2017, she opened her current entity Seluna Dawn Massage to include everyone. In addition to work and raising two preteens, she enjoys serving on the Board of Directors with AMTA-OR, her local Chamber of Commerce, as well as Xpose Hope, an anti-trafficking non-profit organization. Emma is excited to bring experience on local government, non-profit, and for-profit boards and committees to serve as the AMTA-OR President and bring back in-person events. Please feel welcome to contact her if you want to volunteer at an event, have ideas for new events and/or committees, and/or simply want more information about how volunteering will help increase fulfillment in your massage therapy career.


Donald Schiff, Board Member, Financial Administrator & Government Relations Co-Chair (2022-Current) 

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Devery Broddie, Board Member, Government Relations Co-Chair and Delegate (2022 – Present)

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Lowell Welch, LMT


Lowell Welch, Board Member, Education Chair (2022-present)

I am Lowell Welch. I have been a massage therapist for 9 years. I mainly work in Woodburn, Focus Fusion Massage, and Newberg, Oregon Massage Clinic. Specializing in therapeutic work for injuries due to motor vehicle accidents and sports. I went to Everest Institute in 2010. I had the honor back in 2017 to 2018 to be an AMTA delegate for Oregon, which was truly enjoyable. Now, I am thankful to be a board member here in Oregon to help the massage industry continue
progressing ahead to the future. Looking forward to working and meeting all of you in the AMTA and massage world.

Sarrah Olsen, LMT


Sarah Olsen, Board Member (2022-Current)

Sarah is the owner at Elevated Bodyworks in Portland, Oregon. She has been working full time as a massage therapist since 2012. She is busy growing her practice to its second location and excited at the challenges building a growing practice brings. 

She pursued her education in massage therapy due to her interest in the medical field and has worked in medical settings ever since. She has been lucky enough to work with a variety of providers from sports medicine physicians to surgeons and loves continuing her learning through study and collaboration with other providers.

Sarah believes that massage therapists have a unique opportunity within the healthcare environment and she loves helping her patient’s understand their bodies and the healing process. She gets extra joy from her work when she can connect people and has a great referral network of high level providers so she can help others get the most comprehensive care possible. 


Jamin Rak, LMT


Jamin Rak, Board Member, Communications Chair & Delegate (2022-Current) 

Jamin has been an Licensed Massage Therapist and AMTA member since 1999 when he started his practice. After graduating in 1998 from East West College, he wen to work at a Chiropractic Clinic and latter a multidisciplinary Physical Therapy Clinic. At these clinics he learned the value in integrated healthcare for optimum patient recovery and rehabilitation. Now as owner and operator of Portland Massage Therapy, he continues to evolve his practice to help with acute and chronic pain symptoms through Orthopedic Massage Techniques. 

Jamin decided to join the AMTA board to help facilitate the elevation of Massage Therapy as healthcare professionals in our State. He is a firm believer that through higher educational standards and testing we will no longer be view as “alterative medicine” but “complimentary medicine” as we work together with the entire healthcare community. He would like to see healthcare professionals working together to bring about lasting pain relief and increase the quality of life for our clients and patients all over the state.